Where to Buy Bitcoins And Where You Can Spend Them Part III

Learn more about different exchanges

Great Bank Wire “Same Day Funding” Exchanges:
GDAX – owned by Coinbase but has an addition “bank wire” option to fund. The bank wire option goes through the same day if sent before 1pm PST or within 1 business day and has only a 0.3% fee when converting your USD deposit to Bitcoin…  Gdax does have 10k per day withdraw limit.  So if you are trying to send bigger transactions you will need to use a different exchange. (or send 10k per day to your “Wallet” until you have enough to buy the bigger packages)
Gemini – Another great option for “Bank Wire” that goes through same day before 3pm EST.  You may need to verify account first which can take a few days but it’s a great place to buy and sell bitcoin.
Great Credit Card Funding Exchanges:
Coinbase – They have the lowest credit card fee in the industry, but you have to warm up your account.  You start with $300 per week limit and it increases over time… So if you have the patience you can build up your limits over time… (beware, Coinbase hates Network Marketing so if you buy or sell bitcoin through Coinbase, send it to your “Wallet” like bitpay first before buying USI packages.) (3.9% fees)
CEX (fast but be prepared to have to verify everything and get charged fees for funding USD and fees for converting it to BTC… Great place for credit card funding but can be a hassle at first getting verified. (12.5% fees)
CoinMama (also very high fees but fast funding after verification is complete.) (15% fees)
I’d say if you are wanting to save fees go with the bank options above.  If you want speed or the ability to put it on the card just be expected to pay a premium for that.
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