Where to Buy Bitcoins And Where You Can Spend Them Part 1

Recommended Wallet & Exchanges

First a little education: Wallet vs Exchange and how it relates to USI-Tech
Wallet is where you receive, hold, or keep your bitcoin (you own your private keys and bitcoin in a wallet so no one can ever take it from you.)…
Exchange is where you Buy or Sell bitcoin to or from your bank or credit card (they also have internal wallets, but you don’t technically own the bitcoin stored in these wallets because THEY own the private keys to YOUR bitcoin. So you only want to use these exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin, never to hold for long periods of time.  Exchanges have been known to go out of business or go bankrupt and everyones bitcoin is lost if that happens… So Exchanges are only for temporary short term buying or selling of bitcoin only…)
Peer to Peer Exchange:  a person who owns bitcoin willing to sell it to you.
ICenter – Company you give your bitcoin to & they multiply it into more over a period of time.  They also pay you in bitcoin for any referrals you bring to the table.
Recommended Wallets: (you own private keys & control your bitcoin)
– Bitpay Wallet (I like bitpay “Use Value”, like if you are out on the town and see someone accepts bitcoin for payment, you can just pull out your phone scan the QR code and pay.  I also like it because it makes it easy for you to load your bitpay debit card for spending your bitcoin at places that don’t accept bitcoin directly (I keep about 0.5 to 1 BTC in this and all the rest in my Trezor)
Trezor or Ledger Nano S – These are Hard wallets – USB – (long term storing of bitcoin, and work for everyday transactions while you are at your computer, they are the most secure devices for storing bitcoin.  So once you start accumulating quite a bit of bitcoin you might consider getting one of these to store it…
(store your 12 or 24 word backup phrases in a safe fireproof place OFFline, not online)
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