Use These Methods For Effective Results On Twitter


Twitter is a social media tool to get your message out quick and to the point.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site.

Millions of people are now using the site to talk about various subjects.

If you use Twitter properly you can benefit from this tool to get your message out to millions of people.

It is important not to make the common mistakes of some tweeters.

Use These Methods For Effective Results On Twitter

1)  Use your real picture if you are branding you or your company

2)   When sending direct messages be personal (Do not send promotional messages)

3.   Follow others if you want to gain more followers

4)   Make regular updates on your page

5)   Tweets are great for starting conversations.

6)  Re-tweet other users or send them comments

7)  Use tools like Tweetdeck, hootsuite etc so that you don’t need to stay online all the time.


8)  Do not constantly promote your business only.  

Twitter is a social network.  

Be sociable.  

Build Relationships.

9)  Powerful Profile -– when you join Twitter, you will first create your profile page.

Make the page interesting and powerful. 

10)  Videos and photos -– it is very important to share videos and photos through Twitter tPeople enjoy pictures and videos. it will  help build your brand.

11)  Customize your twitter background

12)  Spread the news that you’re on Twitter through your blogging, other social media sites, on your business cards and advertisements

Twittering is a mixture of blogging and texting.

The tweets are only made up of 140 characters which is too short but it can tell a lot of things.  

Twitter users can send and at the same time read updates of other members.

You can view updates through RSS, SMS, Tweetie, Twitter Mobile, Twitterrific, Twinkle, Facebook, Feedalizr, and Twidget.

Periscope is the live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015.

Periscope is an easy tool to use to get clients, prospects and/ or viewers to view your business or offer.

Is it worth your time to watch or get on Periscope? Yes!

Use These Methods For Effective Results On Twitter


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