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Top Two Ways To Build Authority Are

1. Blogging
2. Digital Product (Ebook) or book

When people know you have written about a topic you become like an authority on that topic.

Many people have said this for years write a book. Write a blog. Why then are some people still struggling to get the results they anticipated?
There is a simple process that must be followed.

There are 5 simple steps to follow to move toward building authority in your niche.

1. have a vision -who you want to become , how do you want to be known, stop focusing on the money u need and instead focus on who you want to become, see yourself in a better situation, suspend your disbelief, where’s your voice right now???,
2. Immerse Yourself , invest in yourself, Free is your most expensive option – it takes the longest,
3. Create Content (with authority), the fastest way to become an authority? Teach, invest in your education knowing that it is creating your platform of value, blogging is the very best way

4. Build and Serve Your Audience, go where u are celebrated, not tolerated, Invest, learn teach, inside the 3 minute expert,-notes are non-cashed checks to cash them, convert those notes to online content with call to actions to reach out to you,

5. Monetize we share exactly how we have built a $4 mill a yr blog/brand from scratch, it’s easier than ever as shown in 
Ultimate Blog Bundle.


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