Making Your Living As A Public Speaker


Transitioning from an author to a speaker is often easy for some especially if you are a writer.  

Book writers are viewed as experts and gaining an audience to listen to the knowledge they express gains a certain momentum when they promote their book(s).

Who can be viewed as a public speaker?

1.  Teachers speaking to their students or at a teachers conference.   

2.  Pastor, deacon or anyone speaking to church or other organization.

3.  Network marketing leaders speaking to potential members or members about their organization

4.  DJ’s, radio announcers, company leaders speaking to workers, upper management and the list goes on.

Getting paid to do what you love while taking the skill to the next level speaking to larger groups about your area of expertise.

Writing a book on an area of skill that you have the most knowledge opens doors to being asked to speak on your book subject as a professional public speaker.

Blogging is a good starting place.

Building relationships and fan base displaying your knowledge and using the skills of internet marketers to send traffic to your website.

At this point you can begin to build an audience.

Doors will open and invitation can start rolling in for your knowledge to speak on those areas you are considered to be an expert in. 

Once that web site is in place, it can be a foundation for your new public speaking career.

You can start off using tools such as google hangouts, periscope, blab, radio talk show and other platforms to talk to your audience.  

There are other connections other than the internet that can be used for your speaking engagements.

There are lots of organizations that you can speak at either for free or for a small gratuity (sometimes just lunch).

You want to create an interest as a speaker.

Networking is very important in building relationships and getting the word out about your public speaking appearances and availability.

Before long the gratuities turn into real pay.

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