How To Post and Join Groups With One Click

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I was tired of having to join hundreds of groups to post my content one at a time.

Most times I skipped groups that I thought I had post to because doing it one at a time you can lose track easily.

And there was engaging with FB friends on my fan pages to deliver one message I had to also do it one at a time.

Now, there are a few auto posting software out there but none to meet all my needs.

Besides joining,posting and engaging I wanted to be able to schedule the post to be delivered at a certain time.

As I stated before there are software out there that might be able to do the above actions but to only 1 or 2 groups or fan pages at a time.

I could always hire a social media manager, but that would still entail me checking to see the work was done or done correctly.

The above was still not all the actions I wanted done, there was still the looking at was trending, what others in my niche was posting that was gaining popularity, researching was trending on Youtube and posting some videos to my FB pages with my own commentary (of course giving credit back to the creator) , branding my own work, having more time to grow and scale my business.

To sum it up the things I need to make my business more successful was:

1.  Mass joining groups

2.  Mass posting to groups

3.  Engaging on my fan pages and responding to inquiries

4.  Researching trending topics

5.  Looking at competitor pages that was fast tracking

6.  Branding

7.  Monetizing my posts

8.  Advertising

9.  Responding to inquiries about posts

10.  Researching trending videos in my niche and posting to my pages with my commentary

11.  Cross promote or syndicate my post across other medias

I found the solution.  I found a software that could do all of the above taking me less than 40 min to get what I need done.  Also, I could schedule work so I wouldn’t have to be on that particular task everyday.

Imagine being able to

..”replace the need for a social media manager by having ALL of your
Facebook fan pages & groups posting the most viral trending content
daily for you instantly, sending your organic reach & posts viral, building
trust with your audience & automating the work that normally would
take HOURS to do & most importantly grow your audience &
bank account right away”.


that will send your fan pages & groups viral & removing the need for ever having to post an update again.




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