How To Earn Passive Income With RevShare Platforms

Revshare are advertising platforms.   These are companies that share their revenues or profits with their members.  It is a product that you buy advertising services.   Other people buy advertise packs and the revenues that come in is shared with all members.

The company makes money from affiliate ads, banners, products, text ads and the adpacks we buy as members.

With these programs you need to reach a level where you can withdraw monies daily.   It is about getting passive and residual income.  It is important that you build up a team and promote the revshare program.  Obviously, the more people that are participating in the program the more company makes and therefore the more money you make.   If the company has a great community it generally is a great revshare platforms.

Most revshare programs generally require you to view ads about to keep active.  Some programs will keep or allow you to upgrade in the program and at a certain levels you are not required to view ads you will automatically generate credit.  It is a platform you can advertise your business and get leads.

Your revenues or earnings is based on how many adpacks you accumulate.  Remember each revshare platform is different so make sure you read about the particular platform you select.


  • Buy their ad-packs/sharing position.You will receive “advertising credits + profit sharing” You can also use this credits to promote your blogs/websites.
  • Profit sharing programs, you earn money when the revenue generated by the website is shared to the members who have active sharing positions.
  • Ad credits that you can  use to promote  other programs you are in.
  • Risk only monies you can afford to lose.  Apparently, its the risk takers who end up with all the money in their pockets.


ICash Revshare Platform  

ICash was launched on Oct 1, 2018.   You are paid to view ads in icash tokens which can be transferred to bitcoins, litecoins, bitcoin cash or ethereum coins.  It also has wallets for each of the above coins which can be traded on the Icash platforms.   For those who want to advertise their products.  The platforms allow you to grow and earn your grow a second income.


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