How To Brand Yourself As An Expert

Why is it important to brand yourself as an expert?

It does not matter what niche you are in you want people to look at you as an expert in your field and here is why:

  1.  You want to be the “go to person”
  2.  You want your brand to be “recognized”
  3.   You want your brand to be viewed as “the best authority”

How can you make your brand wanted by others?

  1. Find keywords to associate your business
  2. Search for words that are driving traffic to your site
  3. Make sure visitors look for your site after searching for those keywords
  4. Use analytics or survey people who have visited your site how they found your business
  5. Use an easy tagline that incorporates those keywords
  6. Start using popular hashtags to associate your business on your blogs, websites and social media sites you visit
  7. Add a memorable slogan to your email and on forums you visit
  8.  Be a resource to others.  Get people talking about you.  Word of mouth is very powerful in branding, so treat every prospect well.
  9. On article marketing, make sure that you add a short biography that mentions your slogan and your website.   Be consistent.  This biography should be the same for all of the articles so that visitors begin to recognize your name and associate you with your brand.
  10.  Be a  guest to an already established audience. Find a blog that’s similar to yours and offer to write a guest post.
  11. You can use one of your articles as a forum topic as well. Forums often rank high in Google because like blogs, they are continually updated.

Remember,  if you brand yourself as an expert, people will begin to think of you as one. 


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