How To Become The Hunted And Not The Hunter In Network Marketing

helo how to become the hunted

Marketers call me up and they say, “I believe in network marketing, but I don’t understand how to get people to buy”.

Does network marketing work?  

Yes, If you know how to market.  

Marketing is definitely one of the main ingredient to having a successful business in network marketing.  

People don’t like to be sold on a product; therefore you have to market in a way that you are not selling; and yet they are looking for you to buy.

How many times have you gone to a car dealership and soon as you get there someone run up to you to sell you a car?  

You haven’t had a chance to look at a car before someone is asking you a thousand and one questions; does that turn you off?

Well, what if you found your dream car and you went looking for a dealer to sell you the car.  

Wow!  You feel so much better to buy and not be sold!  

In network marketing if you attract the buyers by marketing correctly you will win in this business.

Put out the bait or the offer and let people find you to buy or join your opportunity.

What types of baits you can use for your business?

1.  A  pdf with valuable content

2.  Capture page with a valuable offer

3.  Free trips

4.  Contests relating to your business and give a gift to the winner

5..  Ebook 

6.  Webinar with valuable information your target audience can use to help promote their business

7.  Tickets to your next event

8.  Free vendor table at your next event

9.  Free coaching 


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