How do you find and recruit good affiliates

Don’t listen to the rumors that it is easy to recruit.  Not true.

It takes work and patience.

Most marketers don’t want to put in the time it takes to recruit new affiliates or distributors.

This can work in your favor the laziness of other marketers.

And some just do not know what to do to recruit new affiliates.

It all works in your favor and you will have an advantage in getting new recruits after reading this.


To get affiliates:

  1. You’ll need to convince them that you and your product are worth promoting.
  2. You’ll need to build trust.
  3. And you’ll need patience as well. Potential affiliates often won’t say yes the first time you ask, or they’ll say yes but then they’ll get distracted and they’ll go promote something else unless you follow up.
  4. You must have quality and relevant products
  5. You must have an easy and  duplicaticable system
  6. Funnel system that will attract buyers to your business or presentation
  7. A CMS (contact management system) to keep a list of prospects and have the ability to email them with updates and new products

It takes time to build an active downline ; but it is well worth the work once you do.


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