Four Fantastic Ways To Get Free Target Traffic


 The Ups And Downs Of Guest Blogging – Know How It Helps You Target Traffic

Writing is indeed a craft. Once you have all the creative juices in you, they just keep coming. This is practical and at the same time very beneficial especially when you run an online website as your business. Firstly, you can come up with valuable and informative contents for your site. Second, you can do guest blogging for more targeted traffic. Indeed, writing on topics you are well abreast of will be very easy provided you have the talent and skills.

If Content is the King; then graphics is its Queen

You browse through the contents and the graphics catches your attention.

 Graphics express thoughts as well as ideas.  

Infographics is a prime example of what is catching the attention of many on the internet.  

The content is the king because it is that which communicates with the readers.

It promotes traffic to the website.

The Perks of Guest Blogging

1.  Great Content

2.  Target Traffic

3.  Backlinks

4.  High Ranking SEO

One of the many purpose of guest blogging is to obtain great content.

Target your audience and place contents on other individuals’ blogs along with the other forms of social media that they make use of.

Your target audience will grow from sharing and delivering quality content across the internet.

 When you tag your links on your work and place them on other sites you will also get more followers and free advertisement from the other websites..

Thus, the search engines can easily give you the rankings with more traffic driven to your site.




More Food For Thought

Posting your contents in all forms of social media and for everybody to get to see and read is great, make sure you present your best writing.

Why?  It is because you should only prepare and then submit the most excellent of your compositions! 

Excellent composition should mirror you and how you feel.  Yes, you want your audience to understand what you are writing, but if you want to be funny, serious, silly or whatever make sure it represents what you want to deliver to your targeted audience.

 If you are writing for someone else website make sure their audience is similar to the audience you write to and helps to compliment the site.

This is your way of advertising and offering those website hosts who don’t have time to write to get your services as well. Thus, you must tempt them and show them what you have. Moreover, your topics should be interesting and have variations.


Video Blog

Excellent video interview with Shark Tank’s Daymond John on Lessons From His Worst Mistakes.  Subscribe to Entrepreneur on YouTube for great tips. 

Consider doing video and podcast guest blogging.

Read the comments written about your blogs.  Be prepared for harsh comments heaped on your topics.

It is a good idea to have an analytic reading of what is going on with your website. 

Some would say that guest blogging is the perfect idea especially in terms of link building.

You should be prepared for the downsides but you can always do your best to reap the benefits of any constructive criticism. 

Your main goal here is to target traffic.

Meaning, you will use your ability to write contents and post them in all forms of social media to earn backlinks.

In everything, there is always an advantage and a disadvantage.

You just have to maximize the full potential of your opportunities.



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