Five Quick Ways To Have Passive Income Without Selling

Lets face it if you have worked  9 to 5 job you are not looking to slave on another job to make money if you don’t have to.  And definitely, if you are retired you don’t want to work for another company to survive.  So, what do you do?  Is there such a thing as real passive income?

Yes, there is a thing as real passive income.  Don’t get passive income and network marketing mixed up.  Network marketing is great way to earn a second income or earn a living; but it is not passive.  Why?  Because network marketing is just that-networking.  You must work to build your business be it on the internet, phone, or person to person, groups, etc…   True passive income is set the business or income producing activity in motion and leave it.

Types of passive income producing opportunities:

  1. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  2. Cryptocurriencies opportunities where you are able to buy and let your coins earn interests
  3. Adsense is a program from Google that can be used to generate advertising revenue. All you have to do is place Adsense on your website or blog.
  4. Revshare platforms where you are able to buy adpacks and earn revenues from the companies profits
  5. An opportunity that offers residual income

Passive income is to receive money while you are not actively working on the business.

There are many ways to do this. The following are just a few examples:

1. To own rental properties.
2. To own vendor machines.
3. To set up affiliate marketing websites.
4. To have different investments.
5. To receive royalties from art and other intellectual properties.

Now, residual income, what is it?

Residual income is when you make an effort once and you profit several times, sometimes into the thousands and ten of thousands.

1. You write a book or e-book and sell it many times.
2. You create a music/software/information CD and sell thousands of copies.
3. You take  photographs and sell them as stock photography to receive royalties for many years.
4. You make an investment once and receive gradual payments like with land and real estate.
5. You sell online memberships like those offered by dating and hosting websites and as long as the client stays subscribed you keep receiving monthly payments.

Finally, multiple streams of income.

Diversification is the key to success.  Having different passive income opportunities that you derive income from is great.  Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of having too many that will cause you to have to work to keep them operational.


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The only way you are going to make good income is by purchasing sharing ads (ad packs). purchasing one or a number of these will qualify you for the company’s revenue sharing and you’ll earn something every hour depending on the number of ad packs you have. The more you have the more you’ll earn.



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