Do You Know What It Takes To Be A Successful Marketer?


Linda,  what does it take to be a successful marketer online?

I have been struggling to get people to sign up for my business marketing everyday on the internet.

Heck, I even called warm markets- people that I know and still no sign ups.

I’ve done ads to get new leads to visit my website but still no sign ups.

What am I doing wrong?

How many of you feel like Nikki; the struggling marketer?

You’ve done all you know how to do and still no one has signed up for your business.

Do you what is the one thing that allows me to GET THESE kind of results?

The answer is…..CONSISTENCY.

Having a strategy is great but it will not get you results if you are not consistently working your plan.

Yes, you may have a system that is on autopilot.  Is your system pulling in the amount of leads you need in order to accomplish your goal?

If no; you need to consistently tweet your system until it does start pulling in the amount of leads you need.

Starting and stopping your work will only delay the result of success.

So it may take days, weeks, months…..before you start seeing the leads you need come in and then you need to start your leads getting your emails, webinars, video training, blogposts and then on one fine day, they decide that they have got to purchase from you and SUDDENLY….you make commissions.

Some leads may purchase from you right away.  It may take other leads awhile before they decide to purchase or signup for your business.

Your focus should not be on when they signup instead focus on getting your business in front of more people by being consistent.  Continuing to make your sales funnel more intriguing to bring in  people to want to signup or purchase.

You must market your business every single day, consistently.

And THIS is the secret of all successful marketers.

You HAVE to be consistent if you want to grow.

Over a period of time if you want to stop, pause or slow down marketing your business you can and your business will still pull in leads with the proper autopilot system and funnel in place.

It is only logical that you must know how to convert your traffic into sales/profit to continue to be in business.

Over a period of time you will gain steam, your business will soon RUN on its own. And when that happens, getting sales & growing your business becomes far more easier.

This is what you want to have your business to run on its own generating income and growing – you will experience breathing room, freedom to do other things you want in life.

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