Do You Have A Business Mindset?


Bishop Dennis Leonard speaking about negative thinking (mindset)

Do You Have A Business Mindset?


What does it takes to be a successful business person?  It takes the right mindset. 

You have to operate with a mind to succeed and determination to accomplish your goals. 

So you say, “I tried that and I am still in the same place?” 

Where are you operating your business from both physically and mentally? 

In order to succeed your mindset must be condition for success and the location and/or business you choose must be conducive for relevancy of both the time and need. 



You must determine you mind no matter what I will succeed. 

There is no turning back for me and I will accomplish that what I set out to do. 

When you have decided to operate from a successful mindset you will start researching and moving yourself in the right position to accept what you truly believe you should receive.


 Your environment is very import when you are preparing for success. 

To shorten this (get a copy of my free eBook coming out soon on the subject Business Mindset) successful business minded people have some common attributes: 

  1. Plan for success
  2. Manage and think about money differently
  3. Positive attitude towards opportunities and lifestyle
  4. They usually get a mentor- someone who has already done what they want to do
  5. Do their due diligence about the business they want to go into
  6. They look at the relevancy of the business and the timing before getting into business
  7. They look at the leaders (network marketing) of the business


What made me decide to get involve with wearable technology?

I realized the timing was relevant or right. 

Everyone is talking about wearable technology these days. 

Look at the Fitbit or Apple watch; many people know or heard of these companies and what they do. 

Health and fitness is on minds of people and you can tell by looking at all the gyms and health and wellness centers that have surfaced all around the globe. 

The TV commercials are filled with eating right and dieting correctly. 

I got involved with a wearable technology company after looking at the leaders of the company and studied their mindset and their accomplishments not only in the company but other companies they were in. 

What are the things you should look for before joining a network marketing company?

 1. Leadership

CEO What their background do they have finance resource to pull it off

2.  Timing must be right for the product you are promoting

90% of percent of what you want is timing must be right if you want to get to type of money you want

3.  4 things customer cares about

    a. product or service affordable

    b. is it unique…if not there will be no loyalty they can get from somewhere else

    c. your product or service must work…it got to do what you say it would

    d. do you have 3rd party credibility that says the product or service does what it says it will do

4.  Simple system that is duplicatible by anyone

5. Compensation plan that will pay you


Have you seen this life sensing wearable company? 


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