6 Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Is An Effective Tool For Your Business

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My customers wanted to know why I chose E-mail marketing as a source to build my online business.  

Below I wanted to give you some of the best ways to build your network marketing business using E-mail marketing.

But before you dive in, let‟s take a look why E-mail marketing is so effective in the Internet marketing industry.

  • E-mail marketing is one of the fastest ways to leverage on the Internet.
  • E-mail marketing is highly scalable
  • E-mail marketing is highly targeted
  • E-mail marketing is personal.
  • You can automate many tasks with your autoresponder
  • E-mail marketing acts as a good pre-sell

Mistakes commonly made with email marketing are:

1.  Spamming  

2.  Only mail when you want to sell something- Instead provide valuable content more often

3.  Telling Untruths-  Be able to back up what you say with proofs from you or the company you represent

4.  E-mailing to a target market that is not interested in what you have to say

5.  Not building a relationship with your E-mail list


It is all about building a relationship with the ultimate goal of building trust and authority in your niche.

Tools mentioned above:

AutoResponder –  there are many autoresponders one that I use and find to be very useful is Aweber.

Become an Email Processor – work from home- Be Your Own Boss – Earn $200 or more daily (Income May Vary) getstartedtoday-orange

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 

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