4 Steps To Success In Your Online Marketing Business



1.  Be A Product Of The Product

– Learn your business, Use the product, test the product

-practice what you are going to teach others to do to    grow their business,

-brand you (build a website and / or a fan page)

-Post results on social media, blogs etc


2.  Services:  Pique interest of others about your business

–  Invite to a webinar (ads, blogs, social media, use capture pages to obtain email list etc)

–  Give away valuable content material to help others grow their business online

– Use social Media to your advantage to share valuable content

-Set standards for your business (Niche, market, and who are you looking to recruit?)


3.  Consultation: Host webinars, Offer one on one consultation

-Get your clients to a webinar

– Host 4 per month for “part-time” income

– Host 4 per week for “full-time” income

– Host 4 per day for “life-changing” income

It is a great idea to record your webinars to be able to do a replay for those who were unable to be there at the set time for the live webinar.  

Have a Q & A segment on your live webinar. 

Do a live hangout and record it for playback. 

Send out thank you emails to persons who signed up for your webinars or hangouts.  (I will do a blog on how you can phrase your emails and / how to setup your autoresponder) 


4.  Make An 18 Month Commitment

– Commit to the “System”

– Commit to your “Why”



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