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Ways To Target Traffic To Your Website


Before you plan your activity write your outcome for the day, you must have intention for a successful outcome.


Plan activity for that outcome by:

1.  Prioritize (focus to get that outcome)  enough leads to make a certain amount money (for your online business)

i.e. hold emergency team call and let them know what vision is upsell

2)  Do webinars based on your own time

3)  7 day challenge   


Are you up for the challenge?


Target Traffic

Everyone knows if you want people to visit your website you must find a way to attract visitors.  

If you run an online business, it is only a must for you to think to obtain target traffic for your business.  Target traffic is one of the life lines to having a prosperous business.   Any traffic will not do.  If you have large of amounts of traffic coming to your site who are not interested in what you have to offer it does not do you or your business any good.  

Without target traffic, you have no visitors and no visitors equal zero sales.  

Ranking with the search engines

The purpose of  ranking with the search engines for your business is to become more visible to the public.

Rankings on the search engine change every minute of the day and that depends on the traffic driven to your website.

Feedback will help provide an opportunity for you to gain more visitors.  Hence, that means more traffic for your online portal.

Five Ways To Get Target Traffic

1)  Video

2)  Article Marketing

3)  Commenting on other’s Blogs

4)  Hyper Text Markup

6)  Forum

5)  Meta Tags

There are different ways on how you will be able to target traffic to your website. Among them is article marketing, ensuring the proper set up of the HTML tags on your page, and then commenting on the blogs of others. For further explanation, read on below.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is so far one of the tried and tested methods of earning targeted visitors toward your website. Most likely, people will key in some words that will address their problems and provide answers to their queries.

Now, if your site is seen from among the rankings in the Google page, they will click on it and read.

The more informative your page is, the more visitors you will get. Therefore, you must know which keywords are often searched by the public and be sure to write articles about them.

But what if you don’t have the knack for writing your own content?

Chances are you may not have enough time to handle another task in addition to running your website and other online concerns.

Quality Content

First of all, your main concern is to be able to provide your readers quality content on your pages. And with the lots of administrative and marketing duties on your hands, you can’t take on another task, but, because you need to put your mind on achieving traffic and leads, you can outsource another person’s services to further promote your marketing campaign. You can always hire ghostwriters for your website.

Commenting on other’s Blogs

Another technique to get more traffic is by means of commenting on other people’s blogs. However, many people fail to realize its efficiency.



By checking out the popular blog sites and leaving intellectual comments on any of the topics that you are familiar with, those who get to read your post will likely become interested to follow your link and learn more about you and what you know about a certain topic that concerns them.

The HTML Guideline

HTML or hyper text markup language may be a bit technical for others.

Having the proper title tags makes it easy for the search engines to display the information that sums up what your website is all about.

Also include the necessary keywords and phrases in the Meta keywords tags and Meta description.

As you may have realized by now, it is easy to target traffic to your website provided that you know the things to do.

Go ahead and accept the challenge.  Videos are a great way to get target traffic.  So, why wait when you can get your page ranking now?





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